Authentic, capable,
See for yourself.

Who am I?

A transformation specialist actively supporting you

I offer you my heart, my mind, and my hands. Exactly in that order.

A country boy starts out into the world

I grew up in a small village in northern Germany. After my studies in Nuremberg, I have lived in Brussels, Malmö, and Berlin, and have worked with people from all around the world as a consultant. Currently, I live in the beautiful countryside just outside of Dresden.

Quick facts

I would like people to go to work with a spring in their step, a smile in their eyes, and a spark in their heart.
Jens Goder

  • Sensitive & creative
  • Analytical & conceptual
  • Consultant, facilitator, and holistic coach
  • Master of Business Administration
  • English, German, and French

Working on the human side of business

I have experience in a whole variety of business topics – and am an expert in none. But I know how successful implementation and transformation can be achieved. I know how to anchor your strategic concepts deeply in your organization, enable your teams, and inspire your individuals. I understand people, their strengths and their struggles, their fears and their desires, and can support them in ways that make them engage and contribute wholeheartedly.

A challenging path to walk

I know from own experience that it is not easy to let your heart guide you. I have been brought up to rely exclusively on my mind, even to shun what my heart had to say. Reason was the highest good. However, at some point I realized that I felt empty inside, that there was no joy and fulfillment in my life. So, I started to reverse course, step-by-step. For most people in today’s societies, it is a long and challenging process to live and work from the heart, and mine is far from complete.

But I promise you this: you can take a whole number of steps in the direction of the heart that aren’t all that difficult. These steps can be quite simple, actually. And they will make a huge difference to your organization very quickly.

Going beyond the ordinary

I want to be myself as much as I can. No mask, not bending over backwards to fit in or to fulfill expectations. This is critically important for my well-being, and in turn for my creativity and power.

Being who I truly am isn’t always easy. But the more authentic, the more human people are – both at the consulting end and at the client’s– the greater the fruits of working together.

I invite you to take a step beyond what you are used to – the rewards will be manyfold. Technical skills quickly become obsolete. Purpose, passion, and performance will always be relevant.

A real person with both heart and mind.
Real conversations.
True collaboration.

If this is what you’re looking for, I’d be very happy to hear from you!