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High-profile clients from various industries

I have worked with high-profile clients across Europe on a broad range of business themes. The following client cases will give you an idea of the nature of my work so far.

Rich experience across Europe and beyond

Beyond the Ordinary is still young. Personally, however, I have been supporting transformational processes of high-profile clients from a range of industries for many years. Challenges included vision & strategy, sales, procurement, finance, business processes, culture & values, and leadership.

I have led projects in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, and Bern. Virtually, I have worked with people on all continents.

Companies I have worked with
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Customer Orientation & Post-Merger Integration | Designed Learning

Living the Customer Bank

A major European bank was experiencing a steady decline in its success parameters – first and foremost in customer satisfaction. The problem stemmed to a large extent from an incomplete post-merger integration. There were two cultures, two ways of working, and the customer focus had gotten lost in internal differences.

A well-known management consultancy developed a comprehensive concept to unite the bank and regain a clear customer focus. But how was this strategy to be communicated to almost 15,000 employees?

The solution was an interactive learning program that I developed on the basis of Designed Learning. Different modules aimed at engaging top management, middle management and employees respectively. Each of the modules allowed the respective target group to gain an in-
depth understanding of the new strategy and to draw the all-important conclusions for their actions in daily business.

We launched the interactive learning sessions in three test regions, three months before the nationwide rollout began.

The market research results spoke for themselves: the three test regions showed a remarkable change for the better in their key success parameters. The statistics confirmed that under otherwise identical conditions, their values developed significantly better than those in all other parts of the country – until these had gone through the program as well. In the medium term, the bank maintained its position as the leading bank in the country.

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Sales | Co-creative Consulting & Designed Learning

Successfully selling complex solutions

An international technology company had realized that its long-term success could only be secured by placing more emphasis on offering complex solutions. However, sales and support functions such as product development or project management were struggling to sell complex solutions.

How can 3,000 employees worldwide be effectively supported in advancing the company’s most promising business area?

Together with the client’s team of global experts, I developed an approach based on agile principles. A tailor-made learning program made the success factors and workflow of complex solutions sales absolutely tangible for all participants.

This way, the agile mindset that is indispensable for successful solution sales could be securely anchored on a global scale.

Special feature: the entire program was developed virtually by global teams and the 2-day, highly interactive learning experience also took place purely online.

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Leadership Development | Beyond 101

Exercising self-leadership as an essential
part of leadership

A leading telecommunications company developed a leadership roadmap for its managers. One of four central elements of the roadmap was self- leadership. Because only those who know themselves and know how to act successfully even in difficult situations can lead effectively.

But how do you communicate this quickly and directly to around 600 managers?

We used my program Beyond 101 – Raise your Impact. Beyond 101 provides deep insights into the human psyche in a single day packed with intensive exchange and very practical experiences. Above all, participants learn to apply a very simple process that helps them to better deal with difficult situations – especially when the difficulties are emotional or interpersonal.

The Leadership Roadmap and the self-leadership module in particular have had a lasting positive impact on day-to-day business.

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New Technology | Designed Learning

Understanding electronic & mobile Business

A global business services provider recognized long before the introduction of the iPhone that electronic and mobile business would determine its future. And developed the vision of an electronic and mobile business world.

But how can such a vision be shared with 10,000 employees?

The solution was an interactive learning program that I developed on the basis of Designed Learning. The participants gained an overview of the latest technical advances and developed a deep practical understanding of the opportunities that e/m Business would offer for their business in the future.

The program was delivered to all employees by internal facilitators and was very well received. The company was thus prepared at an early stage for the technological upheaval that would profoundly change its business in the years to come.

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Leadership Event | Designed Learning & Group Facilitation

Creating a memorable strategy event

An international telecommunications provider was planning a strategy event for its top 1,000 managers. All of them were to be brought together in one venue for a lively exchange. On the one hand, the CEO wanted to get in touch with his leaders as directly and personally as possible, while on the other, everyone present was to experience his trend-setting statements.

How is it possible to create a personal dialog with 1,000 participants in which everyone is actively involved, and the key messages are still heard by everyone?

Together with my colleagues and an event agency, I created a memorable dialog. The participants sat in small groups on ascending tiers in a round room that looked like an arena. The CEO stood in the center and led the strategic discussions.

The participants were given learning materials for each topic, which they used to explore the subject matter in their teams and draw their own conclusions. The teams wrote down their key questions or suggestions on cards, which were gathered, reviewed, prioritized, and forwarded to the CEO.

The CEO conducted the debrief on each topic for the entire room and engaged in a public but very personal exchange with the teams whose cards he had received. The client talked about this event for a long time.

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Team Development | Beyond 101 & Group Facilitation

Supporting teams to create solid solutions

An international technology firm wanted to support a number of teams in different parts of the company, for example, R&D, HR, Purchasing. The challenges varied: improving communication and collaboration, teambuilding, resolving concrete issues, working out new approaches and offerings to the business…

What would be a good way to respond to these diverse challenges?

For each and every team and theme I created an individual workshop concept, first preparing the flow of the workshop in close collaboration with the leaders and then intensely working with the respective teams in the workshop itself, letting the flow unfold as it must to truly respond to participants’ needs.

We chose to first prepare the grounds by taking the teams through a Beyond 101 session. This experience made all following work much easier because participants were more ready to let go of pre-conceived ideas and look at the issues more constructively, through a new pair of glasses.

All workshops ran very well and had substantial results. Some teams invited me to support them further.

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Procurement | Designed Learning

Creating buy-in for a global sourcing strategy

A global player in the energy sector had devised a new procurement strategy. The most important aspect: this strategy not only concerned the procurement function as such but their partners in the business just as much.

Now, how could about 2,000 people with impact on procurement spend that were scattered around the world be engaged in this new, collaborative way of purchasing?

Together with the developers of this new approach I created a very hands-on interactive learning program that mostly relied on practical cases. Participants had to choose how to act in each case and quickly realized the manyfold benefits of the new strategy. The program was very well received.

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