Make it real.
Make it personal.
Make it matter.

How do I work?

I address both the rational & the emotional

I create interactive, high-impact experiences, virtually & on location. In most cases, participants haven’t experienced anything like it before.

Rolling up my sleeves

I don’t have all the answers, and I most likely haven’t read all trending articles and business books. I strongly rely on myself: I put my sensitivity and intuition, my analytical and conceptual skills, and all my experience to work on your challenge. I know exactly what it takes to create sustainable transformation. I roll up my sleeves and commit to finding the right solution for you. I have a pretty good track record, and, of course, I do have a few aces up my sleeve – see ‘My methods’ below.

But I can’t do this alone. This is work on your reality. We can only find a great solution if you actively participate and contribute to the process.

My methods
  • Co-Creation
    to design and run interventions at all levels
  • Designed Learning
    to help you communicate with your whole organization
  • Facilitation with Heart
    to bring out the best in selected teams & individuals
  • Beyond 101
    to raise consciousness
    and personal impact at all levels
to design and run interventions at all levels

Working closely together to achieve your goals

I design all my interventions in co-creation, in close collaboration with my clients. For me, this is the only way to develop programs that truly fit a client’s needs and mirror their reality. Only then can they make a real difference.

Shared responsibility

We share responsibility: you bring your business reality and content to the table, and I bring in my empowerment skills and business experience. Together, we use our hearts and minds to design exceptional interventions. The scale and scope of our collaboration, naturally, depends on your goals.

An iterative process

In my understanding, co-creation is an iterative process. We work agile, moving the development forward one step at a time and adjusting our course as we go.

Designed Learning
to communicate with your whole organization

Enabling people to contribute

Designed Learning is a powerful method to help people deeply understand central concepts. A Designed Learning program re-creates the learning process of the originators of these concepts – only in a much shorter time. Participants gain the insights they need to act in context and truly contribute. For most participants, a Designed Learning program is a unique and very rewarding experience. Designed Learning is rooted in the work of Klas Mellander of Celemi – The Power of Learning (

Interactive learning in small teams

People usually work in small teams of 3 – 4 whilst the size of the whole group may range from 12 – 1.000+ people. Depending on the complexity of the content, the duration of a learning program can vary from just a few hours to even 2 – 3 days. The thoroughly crafted, highly interactive learning processes are based on five key steps:

  1. Motivation – stir up participants’ curiosity & interest
  2. Input – provide the necessary information – not more, not less
  3. Processing – let participants work with this information in activities, discussions & reflections
  4. AHA! – participants draw their own conclusions
  5. Action – participants apply their newly gained insights and knowledge to their daily reality

Reaching many people in a short time

Typically, the flow and activities of a Designed Learning program have been fine-tuned to a degree that about 90% of the value of a session is embedded in the process and the supporting materials, and only about 10% of the value depends on the performance of the facilitator.

Thus, Designed Learning programs are perfectly suited for train-the-trainer approaches, allowing you to cascade the program through your organization and reach many people in a short time. If you set up the roll-out right, 10.000 and even 100.000 people will deeply understand your message in just a few months, creating substantial momentum in your organization. Using internal facilitators, ideally leaders, increases the credibility and impact of the sessions compared to working with external facilitators.

Any format

Designed Learning supports both digital and paper-based materials and can be run virtually or as a presence training on location.

Facilitation with Heart
to bring out the best in selected teams & individuals

The true value of facilitation

The value of good facilitation is often underrated. This is even more true for Facilitation with Heart. Facilitation with Heart is excellent facilitation enhanced with a stronger focus on the emotional. It can be used on any topic, also very factual ones, because disagreement on very factual questions is often not rooted in the factual but in the emotional. A good facilitator supports the team at work to create results they never would have achieved on their own.

Qualities of the heart at work

On top of regular analytical and facilitation skills, Facilitators with Heart rely on their emotional clarity, sensitivity, and intuition. This allows them to address and work with subtle emotions and energies that can be sensed in the room even if they are neither seen nor heard. Showing understanding and compassion, and inspiring both in the whole group is often the key to resolving even deep-seated issues.

Moving forward constructively in many areas

Facilitation with Heart can be used for various aims, from resolving tensions in a team to defining the overall direction, goals, and key messages for an upcoming project. I work with leaders and teams to define the main themes and identify the underlying issues. Then we find ways to move forward constructively.

Beyond 101
to raise the consciousness and personal
impact of people at all levels

Discovering new perspectives

Beyond 101 is a one-day experience where individuals develop their self-leadership – and your whole organization benefits. Participants discover a new way of looking at things and realize that they have a much stronger influence on their work and life than they used to think. They overcome their personal barriers, act more consciously, and raise their personal impact.

The essence of coaching for everyone

After many years of running successful communication and transformation projects, it became clear to me that even the best transformation program will only have a temporary impact if people’s personal blockages stay unaddressed. 1-on-1 coaching addresses these personal blockages but is usually reserved for a selected few. Therefore, together with two colleagues, I created Beyond 101 – coaching for everyone. It comes in a group experience that allows you to reach many people quickly.

A practical tool to unlock potential and boost performance

Beyond 101 is a great foundation for any intervention at any level of an organization. It can be used to raise personal impact of individuals, improve communication and collaboration in teams, or pave the way for a new strategic direction or a culture change in the whole company.

Participants better understand themselves, develop empathy for others, and learn to use a simple process to act more constructively in challenging situations. Interactive group-work, deep conversations, sharing and buddy-work create an atmosphere of empathy and trust as well as a can-do experience and attitude.

Virtually or on location

Beyond 101 is an experience created with Designed Learning and can be customized to fit your specific needs and culture. The support materials are provided online and can be used either virtually or on location.

Run the sessions yourself!

Thanks to being a Designed Learning program, Beyond 101 easily lends itself to a train-the-trainer approach. You can roll it out in your organization yourself.

Powerful methods.
Applied by a specialist.
With genuine interest in your issues.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch – I’ll be here!