The heart is much more powerful than we think. We give it far too little credit – especially in business.

Beyond the Ordinary is a consultancy working on the human side of business. I unlock the passion and potential of your people. If you do your part.

Jens Goder

A warm welcome!
I created Beyond the Ordinary because I know that people contribute much more to success if we truly see and involve them. Please click on the video icon and let me explain in roughly 2 min what Beyond the Ordinary is about.
Jens Goder – Founder

Dare to rely more on your heart

Beyond the Ordinary stands for business with heart & mind. It is rarely the mind that is lacking in business.
I encourage you to add more heart, more humanity.

For your mind

Turning strategy into action

Working with Beyond the Ordinary means investing in your people to drive your business: your organizational development, your team development, and the development of your individuals. Addressing these three levels of your organization is critical for success.

If you want your people to truly understand your strategy and to effectively put it into practice, I can help you. Implementing key concepts across a whole organization is my specialty.

Key concepts like your vision and values, business processes, or sustainability approach can be firmly anchored in your organization with the help of my powerful learning methodology. Designed Learning makes it possible to reach large numbers of people fast, in a very direct, hands-on, and even personal way. I like working with people – be there 10 people or 10.000. Upwards, there are practically no limits. I just work in different ways.

For your heart

Purpose and passion move mountains

Beyond the Ordinary aims at supporting the creation of organizations with heart – where people love to work because they feel appreciated and find meaning in what they do. Doesn’t everyone dream of going to work full of motivation and drive? Excited to be there, glad to contribute, fulfilled from making a difference in whichever way…?

Happy and fulfilled people perform better. And their organizations are more successful and resilient. Love unlocks passion, potential, and performance. Fear blocks – ultimately everything.

I don’t have a ready-made recipe for materializing fulfillment and success in business. But I know what it takes and commit to working with any organization willing to move in this direction. Together, we’ll find ways to make it happen for you. So far, I always found the right solution.

Business with heart & mind

Empower your people to create success

Beyond the Ordinary is not about pampering people to make them happy. People naturally want to contribute – give them a fair chance! Your key to success is the true empowerment of your people. I can help you empower your whole organization.

From where I stand, empowerment looks like this: First, develop compelling business concepts. Then provide the right conditions for people to effectively put them into practice, for example, via appropriate approaches to authenticity, autonomy, and leadership.

Finally, ensure that everyone deeply understands and supports your overall direction and ways to get there, that your teams collaborate effectively, and that your individuals know how to handle tough situations successfully. With these elements in place, you are ready to make success happen.

Run your business with heart and mind,
and success will come naturally.
And stay.

Quick facts
What I bring to the table
  • proven empowerment and transformation skills
  • extensive experience in a wide range of business themes like vision & strategy, sales, procurement, processes, culture & values, leadership
  • the commitment to find the right solution every time
What you get
  • co-creation in true partnership
  • tailor-made solutions enabling your people to successfully put your key concepts into practice
  • a shift in consciousness that boosts collaboration in your teams and raises the personal impact of your individuals
My formats
  • high-leverage roll-outs reaching many people in a short time
  • consulting, facilitation & coaching for key teams and individuals
  • virtually & on location

Beyond the Ordinary is still young, but personally, I have been working with high-profile clients from a range of industries for many years.