People are key to success. In any organization.

Beyond the Ordinary helps you empower your people and transform your organization. To build lasting success.

Jens Goder

A warm welcome!
I created Beyond the Ordinary because I know that people contribute much more to success if we truly see and involve them. Please click on the video icon and let me explain in roughly 2 min what Beyond the Ordinary is about.
Jens Goder – Founder

Beyond the Ordinary offers…

  • … co-creative consulting to empower your people and transform your organization.
  • … learning solutions development to drive large-scale change processes.
  • … group facilitation to resolve issues and grow output.
  • … 1-on-1 coaching to strengthen individuals.

I support my clients to…

  • … create and anchor concepts & strategies.
  • … implement tools & processes.
  • … shape consciousness & culture.
Mobilizing large numbers of people for change is my core competence.

Beyond the Ordinary is still young. Personally, however, I have been working with high-profile clients from a range of industries for many years.

I love working with people – be there 10 or 10,000. Upwards, there are practically no limits. I just work in different ways.

Orange butterfly

Beyond the Ordinary in essence

Beyond the Ordinary brings businesses and their people, profitability and humanity together. It’s about business with heart & mind.

Add more heart to your business

It is rarely the mind that is lacking in business. I encourage you to add more heart, more humanity: Support your people to do great work; unlock their passion and potential.

Reach your people directly

A key need of your people is to understand. Help them to deeply understand your strategy, business model, or any other key concept and witness how this lifts their ability to perform. Let alone their motivation and fulfillment.

Key concepts like your vision and values, business processes, or sustainability approach can be firmly anchored in your organization with the help of my powerful learning methodology. Designed Learning makes it possible to reach large numbers of people fast, in a direct, hands-on, and even personal way. This is my core competence.

However, mobilizing people for change alone is not enough. Your key to lasting success is the true empowerment of your people. I can help you empower your whole organization.

Empower your whole organization

I have defined 5 C’s as a guideline to true empowerment: concepts, conditions, context, collaboration, and consciousness. If done right, working on these five elements will win the hearts and minds of your people and set a transformation process in motion. You build a culture where people naturally act in line with your strategy, take initiative and responsibility, and effectively drive your business.

The good thing is, that you don’t have to focus on all 5 C’s at once. There are many ways to get started. Let’s get to work on one thing and take it from there. We work together, we co-create together. I am here to put my consulting, learning design, facilitation and coaching skills to good use for you.

Run your business with heart and mind,
and success will come naturally.
And stay.

Quick facts
What I bring to the table
  • proven empowerment and transformation skills
  • extensive experience in a wide range of business themes like vision & strategy, sales, procurement, processes, culture & values, leadership
  • the commitment to find the right solution every time
What you get
  • co-creation in true partnership
  • tailor-made solutions enabling your people to successfully put your key concepts into practice
  • a shift in consciousness that boosts collaboration in your teams and raises the personal impact of your individuals
My formats
  • high-leverage roll-outs reaching many people in a short time
  • consulting, facilitation & coaching for key teams and individuals
  • virtually & on location

Focusing on your people to create success.
A strong approach and unique yet proven methods.
Broad international experience.

Does that sound valuable? If yes, I would love to talk to you.